Friday, 12 October 2012

Put your Heart into Handmade - and a Business Tip

Putting your heart into handmade - this is undoubtedly what our crafters do, but if people were to think this way with their purchases then many small businesses with their talent and flair would do exceedingly well!

So, bearing in mind my theme - I'm going to feature a wonderful selection of hearts this week.  All drawn from a handmade website and I hope that those who are not crafters will love them as much as I do.

1.  Screen Print - Yeahnoyeah
2.  Stonewear 'pebble decorations - jo lucksted ceramics
3.  Patterned silver pendant - Handmade Silver Jewellery
4.  Keyring - Polka Dot Sky
5.  Driftwood, pebbles and shells - Free Range Designs
6.  Liberty Print Brooch - Buttercup Boutique
7.  Handmade Cushion - apple bloom crafts
8.  Bleeding Heart Flower - littlelensphotography
9.  Aluminium and Steel Sculpture - CK Automata
10.Notelet with Paper Buttons - Stuff N Nonsense

All the images have been reproduced on this blog, but remain the property of the artists concerned.  The Design Rights to the items pictured are also attributed to the individual artists. Any misuse of these rights could result in court action.

Business Tip for the Artisans

When you're listing your items you will notice that you are asked for keywords.  Do make sure that you make the most of this opprortunity.  They have recently changed policy to enable the http:// address of your listed item to remain the same even when your item is sold and you update with another one.  This means that you are far more likely to be found by a random search within Google or other search engines. By adding keywords to your listing, this gives the title of your item more 'pulling power' within the search by your potential customers. 

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