Thursday, 31 March 2011

Spring has sprung

Welcome to my new blog. 
As Spring seems to finally have arrived, I felt it was time to begin my blog which so many people have suggested I write.... it's only taken since January (yes, one of the New Year Resolutions that kept being put back!).  However, as the daffodils waved at me in the garden I knew it was time I stopped procrastinating and just write.

This week has been a busy week.  So far, I've had three enquiries from boutiques around the Country wanting to stock my handmade silver jewellery. I made the decision to sell to shops and boutiques outside Dorset only two months ago and since then my jewellery has moved further afield.

Today however, I called into my local stockist - Every Cloud Boutique in Dorchester.  Anyone would think the owner Charlotte, had known that I would be visitng today - because the  two customers who came into her shop whilst I was there, bought items of my jewellery.  Lovely for me to see that it's so popular and also great to see that my jewellery clearly suits all ages. The silver daisy jewellery which I launched on 1st March is certainly proving popular and my silver hearts - the heart twist set being the most unusual of my heart jewellery is always a big attraction.  The customers were probably about 35 years apart in age and both bought some of my jewellery for themselves and for their mothers - how nice is that?  It appears then, that my jewellery designs can span three generations.....