Sunday, 9 December 2012

Copyright of text - what do you do?

Copyrighting your text  and how to prevent duplicaton of your content. - this week's blog is an intereresting one and born from the fact that this weekend I discovered it had happened to me.
Of course, copying is said to be the most sincerest form of flattery.  However, not if it damages your website!
I've written previously regarding the protection of jewellery designs - or any designs as an artist for that matter.  But what if someone's copied your text?

First of all - how do you know?

It was just by chance that I was reading an article regarding duplication on my own website and thought to run a check for plagiarism on my website by others - this is what I discovered.  (I've naturally hidden the name of the website responsible).

The text in pink is an EXACT copy of mine!  The image I have uploaded above the highlighted text is a way to protect your website to avoid this happening to you.  Here's the link to the website -


Input your web address and it will bring up results for your text for the page you have chosen to assess.
It is free to use for a few checks - after that, they do expect you to pay.  But use it 2 - 3 times a month and you can keep a weather eye on what's happening.

Then what do you do?
I immediately sent an email via the offending website's contact page advising them of their infringement of my copyright and requested a reply within 3 days to confirm when the text would be deleted by their webmaster.  I advised that if I did not hear back by this time, then I would put the matter into the hands of my legal team.

By the end of the day the offending text had been removed.