Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Colour of Summer

Having finished Dorset Art Weeks Open Studios (a 16 day long event), I finally have my life back and can continue with my weekly blog.
This week I'm sure the theme won't be at all hard to guess and I've found some stunning items on Folksy again for your delight.
I'll look forward to hearing from my fellow bloggers with their ideas and creativity.  There is some really amazing quality handmade and handcrafted items in the UK and I only wish I could bring them all to this page - but each week, I'll endeavour to bring just a few for you all to enjoy.

1. Handmade Tutu - Strawberry Annie's
2. Cardigan - Niftyneedles
3. Handcrafted Card -  Something Special by Mars x
4. Lace Gauntlet - Tricot Treats by Helen Dey
5. Felt Owl - Mousey Makes
6. Nu Baroque Mug - Russell Paige Ceramics
7. Handcrafted Earrings - Lesley H Phillips Handcrafted Silver Jewellery
8. Fibre Felt Purse - by sally
9. Personalised Face Cloth - K G Designs
10. Patchwork Handbag -  Handbags by Helen

Please do note that all the designs featured on this blog are the designers own work and as such they hold the Design Rights to them.  Any breach of these Design Rights can result in pursual by the artists concerned.

I'm sure you'll agree that this week's array is a wonderful example of the talent that we have in the United Kingdom and I'll wait to hear from you as to what you think the theme for this week is!