Saturday, 12 October 2013

How to Set up your Stand and How to Deal with your Christmas Customers

Setting up your stand and dealing with your Christmas Customers

Having prepared and decided which events to attend, we're now heading towards the busiest time of the year - Christmas!  So, it's important to get your stand set up as attractively as possible and enable your customers to make their Christmas gift purchases.

1.  Height.  You won't want them to get bad backs looking at your handmade wares, or in my case jewellery.  So it's vital that you give your display some height.  Perhaps a display case?  Stands to raise it to their eye level or even boxes with your table cover draped over them to raise your display to a reasonable height.  However, do make sure that you're not hidden behind your display as you will still need to interact with your potential purchasers.
Here's an example of a stand that I had set up many years ago when I first started my business. I have since designed and have purpose made stands.   I was able to sit to the side of this table and therefore was completely free to chat to my customers.  I had boxes in the centre over which I draped my table cloth.  Have a look at the pendant display, they are on a board and are most definitely eye level

Here's an example of a flat display.

Albeit this display is on a smaller scale, which stand would you notice more?

2. Light.  Both the first and the second  images are well lit.  Especially for silver jewellery, they need light to bounce from the silver.  But you don't know if you're going to be in a dingy hall and in which case you will definitely need some form of lighting to allow your customers to see your goods.  If there is no electricity, you can have battery powered light.  The lights on the two black boards are solely battery powered.

3. Make your goods accessible.  If they can't touch / feel - unless they're overwhelmed with the beauty, you won't get many sales.   Do have a selection which is available to be touched.  As you can see on my silver pendant board (image 1), customers can lean forwards and touch them if they so wish.

4. Security.  It's unfortunate, but theft does happen.  Put more expensive items in secure cases if needs be and have your cheaper items at the front. I always put my silver and gold jewellery in a case.  If you have cases, have the ability to lock them, so when you need to nip to the rest room, you can leave the most valuable items safely.  Always ask the stall holder next to you to 'keep an eye out', but don't rely on it.  If they get a customer themselves - they won't be paying attention to what's happening next door!

5.  Enjoy it and Have fun.  Don't get stressed or look downcast - who would buy from someone who looks miserable? - interact with visitors and enjoy their company.  They will be buying you first of all, then they'll take a look at your goods and if they like them take out their purses.