Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Week in the News

This last week has been an interesting one.  A bit like buses - nothing for ages and then they all come along at once!

It started off when I received an email from the Guild of Jewellery Designers to advise me that a bracelet of mine was featured for their Autumn/Winter Trends

Then, having written some articles for the GOJD regarding jewellers optimising their websites - this week they began their publication.  So, when I looked at the home page of the GOJD's website - I seemed to be taking over!
Then I received a lovely email from Naomi (part of the Next Blogger's network) to say that she'd reviewed a pendant of mine and it was featured on her blog.  What a lovely write up - she really couldn't have been nicer - thank you Naomi Take a look at One Heel Forward (17th October)

And as usual - this week's business tip for all small businesses out there!
Keep up to date in less time
It's important if you're in business to know what's happening in your industry.  Sign up to Google accounts and set up 'Alerts' with your name and specific words. You will then be sent emails advising you of all the latest mentions on the internet.  This allows you to track topics of interest and also if you're being mentioned in the press.

Search for your blogs and news sites which have a similar interest to your own and join them.  Sign up to the RSS feed which will mean you'll receive updates as they happen

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