Saturday, 27 October 2012

Do you want to sell more from your online shop? Business Tip

Have you got an online shop?  Perhaps you're running your own website or have decided to upload your products to a site which will showcase your work on their site?  Because I am a handmade worker, my knowledge will be in relation to the craft websites such as Folksy or Etsy, but this blog offers information which does carry to other small businesses - even if they don't make their own products.

Have you heard the phrase SEO?  It stands for Search Engine Optimisation and aids your website / online shop to get placed higher in the search results when anyone searches for the products you offer.

I've written a series of articles which are currently being run on the Guild of Jewellery Designers website.
The initial article took the form of an overview of SEO and the topics to be covered.  Over the last 2 weeks they've been releasing them in bite sized chunks for you to digest.

When I first started with SEO nothing made sense to me - however, over the years I've finally been able to get to grips with the topic and I've written the articles in what I hope is a plain and understandable form.  I've used examples of jewellery - but the examples naturally carry forward to any product.

If you enjoy the articles and find them informative, I'd love to hear your comments on my Website Blog

Today sees the release of sections  8 & 9 - so there's plenty to keep you entertained already!

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