Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sensational Saturday the Second - A Handmade One! - Weekly Business Tip

Following last week's Sensational Saturday for Great Britain at the Olympics (wow! wasn't it gripping?), I'm now ensuring we have a second one featuring sensational handmade Olympic items - well, what else could I feature in this week's blog?
Mo Farrar running Saturday 11th August with the hope of yet another GB Gold resting on his shoulders Tom Daly diving, 2 British boxers qualifying for the final on Sunday 12th - definite silvers to add to the ever increasing medal tally, it certainly makes you proud to be British.  So, I'm now showing just how great we are in everything that we do!

1.   Olympic Lavender Sachet - GingerBeer Designs
2.   We Were There... Sign - Signs For Every Occasion
3.   Red, White and Blue Silver Earrings - Handmade Silver Jewellery UK
4.   Flag Bib - Dribble Drool Bibs
5.   Britain Heart Keyring - An Owl to the Hollow
6.   Union Jack Felt Flower Brooch - Sew Crafty
7.   Olympics Cake Toppers - Charlotte Jane Cakes
8.   British Pincushion - Spindleberry
9.   Inspire a Generation Card - Dilley Crafts
10. London Map Cushion Cover - KateModern

All the items pictured are the property of the people who designed them and as such, own the property rights to their original designs.  Any infringement of their rights could be pursued in a court of law

Weekly Business Tip for Crafters
Eliminate the time wasters...
What do you do that wastes your time?  Take a look at your day and begin a list and review what you do that could make you more productive and takes up unnecessary time. Here's one example: clutter on your workbench /desk?  How often do you spend looking for something which if you tidied up and had all your equipment in a known place would save you time?