Saturday, 25 August 2012

A handmade gift guide - business tip for craftspeople

This week's handmade gift guide
Each week I choose a theme and select the handmade items I love the most.  This week from around the UK, I've found some treasures...  Given that we've not had much in the way of sun this year, I do feel that my theme is quite apt.  Wasn't it lucky it stayed dry for most of the Olympics.  Let's hope it follows the same pattern for the paralympics.  Anyone want to have a guess what the theme is for this week?

Do enjoy my chosen items - all of which would make perfect gifts or even to say thank you for a gift -  or just because you'd like to treat yourself!

1.   Thank you gift cards - photography & design
2.   Wading birds - LouMay Books
3.   Water Ripples - ElisaMAmorCreations
4.   Village Print - Janice Jong Art & Illustration
5.   Compact Mirror - The Clockwork Jewel
6.   Drink Champagne - Deliart - Beautiful Art Block Prints
7.   Anemone water colour - Oakapple & Rose
8.   Aquamarine waterfall pendant - Handmade Silver Pendant UK
9.   Knitted hot water bottle - selvage
10. French beaded lily -  Corbin Handmade
Please be aware that the artists who have made and designed these items hold the copyright and design rights to them.

And Finally....... A small business tip
Look after your existing customers
Did you know that 20% of your existing customers will buy from you again because they already know you and trust you?  So create a reason why they should buy from you again.   Offer products which complement each other in a product range.  For example, if they purchase a pendant do you have matching earrings or bracelet?  If so, show them these when they're buying the pendant or let them know that these are available when you contact them in the future.
Alternatively, you could offer a small incentive for your existing customers, say 10% off their next purchase.

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