Saturday, 18 August 2012

Go Green! - plus a business tip

The birthstone for August is Peridot - a stunning green gemstone. So, drawing inspiration from the month we're in - I'm running a green blog this week.  How many people thought I was running an eco friendly blog this week then?

I have delved into handmade items from around the UK to find my favourites in the colour green.  Enjoy!

1.   A collage - Loganberry Photography
2.   Green Man - Daves Woodcraft
3.   Flower Studs - Grass Fields
4.   Gecko Picture - Handmade by D.
5.   Humming Bird - Rustic Green
6.   Cushion - Courtyards Crafts
7.   Peridot Earrings - Silver Jewellery
8.   Felt Rosette - Hooperhart
9.   Original Fabric on Canvas - J.A. Wilson
10. Hand knitted Dress - josknits

All the items which I have chosen to feature are the property of the  designers who've made them.  As such, they will own the rights to their designs and this prohibits any copying - accidental or otherwise.

Business TipFor the craftspeople who are running their own business - I hope you find your weekly business tip useful.

Do you have a tough decision to make?  If so, go and do some exercise!  Sound odd?  Well, studies have shown that people who work out regularly are better decision makers. One study tested 80 people over an 9 month period and results showed that the exercisers ability to make complex decisions had increased 70% over those who weren't exercising.

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