Saturday, 14 July 2012

Support Handmade in the UK

This week's blog is for all to guess my chosen theme.
Once again, I've search Folksy and found some stunning items - but at least this week they're still all for sale as I haven't beaten you to it and bought one of the featured items!
So what's the theme? - send a comment telling me what you think it is

The talent in the UK is amazing and for people who don't craft - there's some real delights for you to see this week.

Considering that the artists who make the items each week all run their own small businesses, I'm adding tip each time for which will I hope prove useful to the artisans too.

1. Sailing cushion - Jenny Harris Designs
2. Felt picture on Linen - Dollydoo
3.Silver Boat  Pendant - Silver Jewellery
4. Badges - CraftsCouncil
5. Canvas Bag - Handmaid
6. Art Photograph - Paradici
7. Vintage Fabric Picture - LouTonkin - Artist
8. Art Card - Megan Claire
9. Coaster - The Mosaic Garden
10. T-Shirt - Rusks and Rebels

Tip of the week
Respond promptly to requests for information / posting your sold items
Many large businesses lack the personal touch and this is where small businesses have the upper hand.  However, the key is to ensure that you don't leave your customers waiting.
When customers request information/ have bought one of your items, they expect a quick response.  When you fail to to do - due to poor organisation, incorrect contacts or a busy schedule - customers are left feeling abandoned and most likely won't do business with you now or in the future.

All the work and designs on this blog are copyrighted to the artist and any infringement of this could result in action being taken.