Saturday, 7 July 2012

Brightening up your Day....

It sure is pouring down with rain in the South West of England, so I decided to brighten things up a little this week with my choice of the ten artisans this week.  Again, going to be fairly obvious what my theme is - but I'm not sure if anything can brighten the floods down this way!

I do hope if you're a fellow artist you enjoy my choices and if you're a non crafty person can see the love and dedication which has gone into every piece that I have selected for my blog this week

Number 6 is particulaly apt at the moment and is absolutely gorgeous! So much so, that I've just bought it, ha, ha - I'm sure you'll find some other lovely things from Handmade by suqiz in the shop as I've amended this link so you can visit the main page for this artist.

1. Yellow Skies, Mixed Media  - Sue Coo Art
2. Yellow Finch, Paper - recycled found and purchased - Rae Welch
3. Yellow Rosette - Hand rolled Felt - Hooperhart
4. Yellow Flowers - Silver and Epoxy Resin - Handmade Jewellery
5. Yellow Rose - Sinamay and metal hair clip - The Millinery Studio
6. Yellow Duck - Card - Polymer Clay - Handmade by suziq
7. Yellow Peas - Linoprint  -LaLishDesign
8. Yellow Bear - Crocheted -  Monique Boutique
9. Yellow Light - limited edition print - Betty bay design
10. Yellow Shawl - Chrocheted - Pushek

Please be aware that all the rights to the designs belong with the artists.

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