Saturday, 21 July 2012

Saturday Showcase and a Small Business Tip

This Saturday's Showcase of UK handmade goods is here!
For the people who appreciate that with handmade comes quality - you're really going to love this selection.
For the artists amongst us, who appreciate handmade because you know just what goes into it - take a look at my tip for small businesses at the bottom of the blog.
I hope you enjoy my amazing selection this week.

1. Brooch - iCandy Crafts
2. Card - Zuleikha's art
3. Hair Clip, Fimo - Pretty Little Tings
4. Beanie - Rainbows'N'More
5.Bag - Crafty Bags
6.Glossy Print  - Crystal MoonCat
7. Silver Pendant - Handmade Silver Jewellery UK
8.Pincushion - RuthDesigns
9.Cushion - MinXures Clothing and Accessories
10. Head band - Zoe's Shop

Business Tip of the Week
People buy from small businesses because they often receive a personal touch. They buy from handmade artists because they know that overall the product is better!  However, all businesses make mistakes - we wouldn't be human if we didn't.  The key is not to compound your mistakes. Delivering good customer service means quickly and accurately fixing those mistakes and you'll earn loyalty.  On the other hand, compounding one mistake with another is a sure fire way of driving away your customers.


  1. Hello Lesley and thank you for featuring my Bag! I will take a look around your blog, looks lovely! Teresa

  2. Hi Teresa, Great to have you joining :). You're bag's gorgeous! x