Saturday, 8 September 2012

Handmade Saturday Showcase - Business Tip for crafters

What is it about handmade work that people like?  Most of all it's the individuality of each item - for genuine handmade craft no two pieces can ever be the same.  Secondly the buyer knows that much love and care has gone into it - Can money put a price on it?  In all honesty it's most likely priceless to the artist, but I have trawled the UK and found some exquisite items which ARE for sale and I have compiled a showcase of these items here today.
Does anyone want to try and guess my theme ?

1.  Bird cage tidy - Pin and Pen
2.  Hand dyed cotton art - Downland Originals
3.  Owl cushion - Charming Jewellery and Accessories
4.  Butterfly keepsake box - Kippers Keepsakes
5.  Cotton print handbag - Ann Chandler Originals
6.  Pin cushion - The Home Made Boutique
7.  Silver pendant - Handmade Silver Jewellery UK
8.  Bowl clock - Wonky Fox 
9.  Oak Tamper - Works-in-Wood
10.Hand thrown deep bowl - Epple Bay Ceramics

The designs for the items featured remain the intellectual property rights of the artists who have made them.  Any infringement of their rights could result action being taken.

Business Tip for Crafters
Donate your expertise
Your chosen skill probably has plenty of associations / organisations which distribute newsletters or have blogs. By offering your opinions and expertise  by writing an article or being a guest blogger is a great way to boost your business.  It will attract new customers and show that you are a leader in your field.
Articles offering hints and tips, best practices, questions and answers or case studes always prove interesting to the reader.

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