Sunday, 20 May 2012

Going Green with UK handmade items!

And so to a very worthwhile theme this week.  Making the most of items which otherwise would be discarded.  Recycled items at their best, hand crafted and made into something beautiful for those that care about the environment or just simply because they love something a little quirky or different!

1. Recycled Bunting - peony and thistle
2. Recycled Cushion - Slowlane Made
3. Recycled champagne bottle - Abundant Glass
4. Silver Recycled Torque - Lesley H Phillips
5. Wood Mouse Recycled Card - Ethel and Iris
6. Floral recycled lace brooch - Recycled Bird
7. Recycled Bridal Fascinator - Borganic
8. Recycled Comic Paper Chain - Lucie Kate & Hazey Jane
9. Recycled pussy cat doll - PollyKrafts
10. Recycled Record Bowl - RescuedRags

Please do note that these images and the designs are the property of the designers and makers (named above), they own the property rights to them and any infringement of their rights could be pursued in court.

I think you'll agree that I've chosen a great selection of recyled items this week - I love them!  I hope you do too.  If you wish to purchase any of the items they are for sale on the above links.

Naturally as I have an interest in recycling, I have a little selection within my Green Collection too!
Handmade Silver Jewellery UK - Green Collection


  1. Hi
    Thank you for including my cushion in your 'green' Folksy Show case:)

  2. Thank you Lesley for including my pussy cat doll. A very interesting blog! What a good idea to go 'green.

    1. It's a pleasure Polly - I'm mad about cats (a previous blog) - so your pussy cat doll was right up my street! x

  3. Thank you for including my paper chains! I have posted your blog on my facebook page.