Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Guild of Jewellery Designers - Guilded Gems

This last week was a busy one again.  Making jewellery, working on the new website and also a 'phone call from Jayne at Guilded Gems.  Having noticed my new website design she'd emailed me asking if I could participate in an article for other members of the Guild of Jewellery Designers.  She felt my website could be an inspiration to other members of the Guild.  It was launched on the 1st March and on 16th March we had our interview.
I spent in total 8 months designing and building this website and was very pleased that the desired results had been achieved when Jayne mentioned it looked 'luxurious'. 
We discussed the thought processes and the decisions I had made with regards to its build and most importantly the importance of SEO and marketing of it. Without which, there is very little point in having a website. She stated that she sees many Guild Member's websistes that have been built for them and not the customer and it was not only the look, but this factorshe liked. Mine is most definitely directed towards making the customer's experience an easy and nice experience to shop.
When the article is released, I'll post a link for all to read

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