Sunday, 9 October 2011

The A-Z of selling your handmade jewellery - K

The A- Z of selling your handmade jewellery
Letter K

Ever heard of the phrase KISS? - it's stands for Keep It Simple Stupid!
But, although it's an odd phrase it's one of those which actually does mean a lot.  Keeping it simple does help your customers.  The more complicated something is, the more people will be 'turned off'.  Supposing you have a website where the customers have to find out what you sell?  They're looking for earrings, but have to trawl 10 pages to find the earrings.... they're just not going to do it.  So, on your front page they need a link to the earrings for them to view them.

If you consider that most people when searching Google will only look at the top 5 listings because it's easier, it gives you an indication of how much effort a customer will put in to finding what they want on your website. 

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